Peperomia nitida 'Scandens' variegata - 2in

Peperomia nitida 'Scandens' variegata - 2in

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Peperomia nitida 'Scandens' 2”

2 inch pot 

Peperomia nitida is more commonly referred to as Peperomia ‘Scandens’, Cupid Peperomia, False-Philodendron, or Piper Peperomia. Sometimes called  False-Philodendron, for its heart shaped leaves similar to Philodendron hederaceum. Peperomia nitida has a shrubby, yet vine-like growth habit. Its thick, glossy green leaves trail along succulent-like stems that blush with red accents.  Peperomia are easy to propagate and are generally grown for their foliage. These plants flower with a long spike covered in hundreds of tiny flowers, capturing the hearts of plant lovers everywhere.

Plant Care 

Light: bright, indirect light 6-10 hours a day

Water: when fully dry 

Fertilizer: regularly through the growing season March to November 

Potting medium: well drained; suggest Potted Elephant’s Indoor Potting Mix

Habit: growth will cascade over the pot; also makes for an interesting hanging basket