Who We Are

Welcome to Potted Elephant! Our mission is to build relationships between plants and people. 

Potted Elephant has been selling locally grown houseplants in the Pacific Northwest for over five years. We built our own greenhouses and offer unusual and sought after plants to our clients! From tropicals to succulents, and potted to mounted specimens our vast selection will introduce you to new, favorite plants!  

Potted Elephant believes in education. People want to know how to take care of their plants and how to propagate and share with others the wealth of their plant collection– and we’re here to help! We enjoy connecting with your passion for plants and how to connect you a new varieties.

Potted Elephant believes in sustainability. We want to show people how to cultivate their plant collection, reduce energy and water use, and generate their own resources. We love to share our plants with you and exist as a teaching resource for the community. Bring us all your plant questions to meet your needs! 

We believe the plant community is for everyone! We value the diversity of our community who trusts and shops with us, and we strive to ensure every one of our customers is satisfied with their Potted Elephant experience. Whether you’re starting out in your plant adventure or you’re already a seasoned collector, you are welcome at Potted Elephant! 

What stands out about Potted Elephant to you?? Let us know in the comments, and share your favorite plant with us!