About Us


Founded in 2016, Potted Elephant is a BIPOC, queer owned houseplant nursery in the Pacific Northwest. We’re passionate about connecting people to plants. We believe in building community by supporting fellow small businesses, showcasing local talent, and giving back to those in need.

At our shop in NE Portland, OR we offer a unique variety of our locally grown houseplants, pots, potting mediums, LED full-spectrum lighting, and plant nutrients to optimize our clients’ indoor jungles. Whether just starting out in houseplants or an experienced collector looking for something new, we enjoy sharing plant tips and helping folks keep their plants vibrantly healthy. We welcome the diversity of all people as a safe place to shop with us in-person or online.


Potted Elephant is a local houseplant nursery based in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

Our Owners

Adam and John

John Heckel & Adam Aguilera

Our Mission

Building relationships between plants and people