Hoya carnosa ‘Chelsea’ 2”

Hoya carnosa ‘Chelsea’ 2”

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Hoya carnosa ‘Chelsea’

2 inch pot

Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea' is a tropical evergreen vine native to India and Southeast Asia. It is commonly known as the "wax plant" or "porcelain flower" due to the waxy appearance of its leaves and flowers. It has thick, leathery, heart-shaped leaves with deep veins and a glossy green color. Its beautiful fragrant white flowers have five petals and are star-shaped. Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea' grows in an vining habit and can reach up to 12 feet in length when given the right conditions. Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea' is lovely whether trailing from a basket or climbing up a trellis.

Plant Care

💦 Water: Water when soil is dry to the touch

☀️ Light: Bright, Indirect LightWe recommend LED Full Spectrum Plant Light Strips, 2 foot

🪴 Potting: Prefers well-draining potting soil with added perlite for aeration.  We recommend Potted Elephant's Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix

🌿 Habit: Vining - trailing, climbing