Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant)

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Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant)

The Acalypha hispida, commonly known as the Chenille Plant, is a unique and eye-catching houseplant native to Indonesia and Malaysia. This plant thrives in warm and humid environments and is commonly found growing in tropical rainforests.

The Chenille Plant is easily recognizable for its unusual, fuzzy red flowers that resemble caterpillars, which bloom from late spring to early fall. The flowers are pendulous and grow up to 18 inches in length, creating a stunning display.

The plant's leaves are oval-shaped and have a glossy green color. They are approximately 4-6 inches long and grow in an alternate pattern along the stem. The plant can grow up to 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, making it a great statement piece for any room.

The Chenille Plant is a fast-growing shrub that can be pruned to maintain its size and shape. It's a great addition to any indoor garden or can be used as a unique focal point in a room.

Plant Care

💦 Water: Keep soil moist, but not waterlogged

☀️ Light: Bright, Indirect Light. We recommend LED Full Spectrum Plant Light Strips, 2 foot 

🪴 Potting:  Well-draining potting soil max with organic matter. We suggest Potted Elephant Indoor potting mix (50/50 peat moss & pumice)

🌿 Habit: Upright, bushy