Cissus discolor “Begonia vine”

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Cissus discolor “Begonia vine”

Cissus discolor, also known as the Begonia vine, is a striking tropical plant that hails from Madagascar. Its natural habitat is the rainforest floor, where it enjoys dappled sunlight and high humidity.

The Begonia vine has large, heart-shaped leaves that are dark green on top and a striking burgundy underneath. The veins of the leaves are a bright white, making for a striking contrast. While the Begonia vine does produce small white flowers, they are insignificant compared to the beauty of its foliage.

The Begonia vine is a trailing plant that can grow up to six feet long if given enough space. It's an excellent choice for hanging baskets or trained to climb a trellis.

The Begonia vine is a popular houseplant choice for those looking to add some color and texture to their indoor spaces. Its stunning leaves are sure to make a statement in any room.

Plant Care

This plant requires consistent moisture to thrive, so be sure to water it when the top inch of soil is dry. It also enjoys bright, indirect sunlight, so place it near a window with filtered light. When it comes to soil, the Begonia vine prefers well-draining potting soil with a high organic content.

💦 Water: Water when top inch of soil is dry

☀️ Light: Bright, Indirect Light. We recommend LED Full Spectrum Plant Light Strips, 2 foot

🪴Potting: Prefers a well-draining potting soil with plenty of organic matter. We recommend our Potted Elephant Aroid Potting Mix

🌿Habit: Vining - Climbing, Trailing