Hoya carnosa compacta

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Hoya carnosa compacta

Hoya carnosa compacta, also known as the "Hindu rope plant," is a unique and stunning succulent vine that is native to Southeast Asia. It is a member of the Apocynaceae family and is closely related to the common milkweed plant.

In its natural habitat, Hoya carnosa compacta grows as an epiphyte, meaning it attaches itself to other plants and trees. It prefers bright, indirect light and is able to tolerate some shade. It is also drought-tolerant and prefers soil that is well-draining.

The leaves of Hoya carnosa compacta are small and oval-shaped, measuring about 2-4 inches in length. They are thick and fleshy, with a waxy texture and a dark green color. The most distinctive feature of this plant is its twisted, rope-like stems, which can grow up to several feet long and are adorned with clusters of star-shaped flowers.

The flowers of Hoya carnosa compacta are delicate and fragrant, and come in shades of pink, red, and white. They bloom in the summer months and are a favorite of pollinators like butterflies and bees.

 This plant is perfect for hanging baskets or training up a trellis, and makes a unique and eye-catching addition to any plant collection.

Plant Care

💦 Water: Allow soil to dry before watering

☀️ Light: Bright Indirect Light. We recommend LED Full Spectrum Plant Light Strips, 2 foot

🪴 Potting: Prefers well-draining soil mix including perlite or sand. We recommend Potted Elephant's Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix

🌿 Habit: Climbing/Trailing